Community is central to Frankfort Crossing. That community revolves around an urban lifestyle that understands the nexus of land use, transportation and quality of life. Frankfort Crossing is located in one of Louisville’s most walkable neighborhoods, on one of Louisville’s most noted intersections (everyone knows where the railroad crosses Frankfort Avenue). Frankfort Avenue, anchored at River Road by the Waterfront Botanical Gardens, by Waterfront Park and by RiverPark Place, is the link between downtown and some of Louisville’s strongest neighborhoods – Crescent Hill, Clifton and St Matthews. On a very bicycle tolerant avenue, Frankfort Crossing is served by three TARC bus routes (15, 19, 31), all within a half block of Frankfort Crossing. Residents of Frankfort Crossing know how to live with bicycles and TARC in a walkable neighborhood, and supplementing transportation with LIFT, Uber, delivery services, and car rentals.

The community within Frankfort Crossing is nurtured by the foyers and common spaces revolving around the bicycle parking. (The lower left section of the first floor floor plan (below) is the bicycle parking. The foyers are located to the right of the bike parking and in the upper right corner. A shared bike repair is located above the bike parking.)


Clifton is proud of it’s history. The original structure (below) at Frankfort Crossing was Clifton’s US post office. The re-development preserves the original building and complements the original design. 

photo2 (1)

The residential space can be flexed to accommodate early condo purchases. The plan currently shows only one and two bedroom units. Larger units can be built into the final product.

Frankfort Crossing features 28,020 square feet of residential units and 9,560 square feet of commercial space.