WLKY report – 20 November 2019
Insider Louisville article – 6 May 2019
Courier Journal article – 28 June 2018
Forward Radio interview – 16 July 2018
26 September 2018 meeting
Planning and Design / Historic Landmarks and Preservation,
Clifton Architectural Review Committee (CARC)
and FX project leadership
Both parties (CARC and FX) continued to differ.
FX leadership expressed readiness to withdraw the project.
At the encouragement of Metro staff and CARC, FX agreed to another deferral.
FX, Metro staff, elements of CARC will meet informally to seek solutions.
FX understands CARC’s position that the project does not meet guidelines relative to the scale of the proposed building in relation to the immediate three structures on either side of FX.
FX leadership needs specific recommendations to avoid
. reduced area of living space
. reduced area of roof available for solar panels
. reduced ratio of interior volume to surface area exposed to winter cold/summer heat
. increased housing costs to residents
Earlier report:
The fate of this car-free, mixed use, 24 apartment redevelopment on Frankfort Avenue will be determined on the 26th of September at 5:30 p.m. (444 South Fifth St) when project leadership will meet again with Clifton Architectural Review Committee (CARC). At the first meeting on the 27th of June, CARC began their architectural review by whinging about parking.  Metro staff quickly reminded CARC that parking is not their purview.  So having begun in the wrong place and in a negative space CARC concluded the project needed a 30% reduction in size, despite there being two mixed use redevelopments of equal size within a half block of the project. That reduction skews the financing of the project. CARC’s decision results in more expensive housing, more cars, more surface parking lots, and in the larger picture, more destruction of farm, field, forest and floodplain. With CARC and project leadership differing, the first meeting concluded in a deferral.